What is the CFA?

The CFA led by Tom Higgins, was developed for football players and coaches to grow their skills on the field, in the gym and the classroom.  The CFA offers NIKE Coach of the Year clinics, technical skill camps, combines and leadership clinics.  We are committed to providing the best instruction and access to the best experts available in their field.



You won't find a more experienced group of coaches in Canada.   



Every coach and player are individuals.  

We understand that and work with it. 



CFA participants leave our clinics and youth programs as better coaches and players.  Guaranteed.




The CFA is pleased to be part of the prestigious NIKE Coach of the Year Clinics (COY) which have been offered in the United States for over 40 years.

2019 was the inauguration of NIKE COY to Canada.  Clinics were hosted in Niagara Falls, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta, featuring top football coaches from the US and Canada teaching their skills.

You'll want to be a part of the clinics on an annual basis as you learn invaluable techniques, philosophy, pointers and strategy from the most respected men in their field. 


February 7 and 8 - Montreal, Quebec

February 21 and 22 - Burlington, Ontario

March 6 and 7 - Calgary, Alberta



Summer football camps help athletes prepare for the upcoming football season.  



Combines for high school athletes, challenge them to compete against themselves not others.  Standardized testing is used in several ways and may include: height/weight, 40 yard dash, 20 yard shuttle, 3 cone drill, vertical and broad jump.


Kees Denouden: Camp athlete

"Working with Tom Higgins and all of the coaches at the CFA campus was phenomenal.  The knowledge and work I have gained from the camp has been a big part of where I am today as a player and athlete."

Karsen: Camp athlete

Thank you for the excellent 2 weeks at CFA football camp. The camp had a great jump start for my second season of football. I can't believe how much I improved over the eight sessions and I will be coming back!  I will be looking forward to seeing you again!

Devin Derouin: Camp athlete

“I believe learning these skills and lessons has allowed me to progress as a person and a player, and is a key reason as to why I will be playing at the university level next year.”

Pete Christos: HC Coaldale Spartans Football

“They put on a great clinic with experienced speakers.  Highly recommended for coaches.”

(NIKE COY Clinic)

Glenn Heavens: OLine Coach SW Bulldogs/Bishop O’Byrne HS

“Excellent presenters with tons of useful information.  
Would recommend this to first year coaches or veteran coaches and anyone in-between.”

(NIKE COY Clinic)

Mike White: OLine Coach SW Bulldogs

“A big shout out to Tom and Tony for a great event.  Hope it comes back again soon.” (NIKE COY Clinic)

Brian Belway: Ex-Pro Football Player and longtime Coach

"The CFA has been a tremendous asset to the Calgary community in both the development of amateur football players, and raising the bar on coaching prowess for the up and coming amateur football instructor. Coupled with decades of football experience, Coach Higgins and Coach Fasano have assembled a tremendous compliment of assistant coaches to ensure kids of all ages get the high quality training expected of a professional CFL setting, but tempered to a level that ensures the youth football experience is not only a valuable one, but one that also fosters character growth in the most positive and integral fashion. For so many reasons I would recommend any interested party to make an effort to experience at least one camp; and if you're truly invested in bringing out the best in your child, likely won’t be your last."

Sid Bacchus: A Father's testimonial

"I was looking around for a football camp to help my son get ready for his grade 11 season when we found out about the Canadian Football Academy summer camp. Coach Higgins and staff were super helpful getting us registered. It was a tremendous experience on the field with very knowledgeable coaches there to teach every step of the way. The talks and guest speakers at the end of each training session were very inspirational. 

Being able to practice outdoors on a real football field instead of in a gym was really beneficial to my son’s development. My son loved it so much it was a no brainer to attend the following year. The knowledge and fitness gained made a huge difference leading up to his high school football seasons. My son now plays junior football with a huge thanks to Coach Higgins and his team at the CFA."

Mac and Gina Horwood: Parents and Coaches

"As a coach at many levels from Atom to University, the teaching and information I have, has been invaluable. I attended the Nike COY and my son and daughter attend your camps. We have all learned and enjoyed these experiences. I would highly recommend anyone at any level to seek out your camps and your knowledge."  

Mac Horwood

"I have learned so much from not only the presenters but the opportunity to collaborate with other coaches in my area. Nike COY is a fantastic chance to get together with those I don’t normally meet. I pick up small and sometimes big things that I can use in practice or games to make me a better coach and get more out of my players.

Both my son and daughter have attended the combine and summer camps offered by CFA. The level of coaching at these camps is always exceptional." 

Gina Horwood

Mark Studer: A Dad's perspective

I wanted to send you a note to tell you how much the CFA has meant to my son and our family. My son is 16 and has Autism. He has always struggled socially and has had a hard time making new friends. He has never played sports nor been part of a team. While he attends high school in a traditional program he has always struggled to fit in. Last year he met the football coach in the summer and was invited to try out for the junior football team. When he came home and told me I had very mixed emotions. I was excited he had shown an interest in sports but very worried that he had never played sports (especially football) before. How would he be accepted? Would he be ridiculed because of his disability or his lack of football skills? I was terrified of how this might turn out and how my son would handle it. We decided that he should try and pick up a few football skills before he started football and we booked him into the CFA football camp. From the moment that we arrived at camp my son was treated with the upmost respect and care. Your coaches and facilitators work very hard to ensure that respect is the most important aspect of the camp. After drills each player is required to “High Five” two other players. All players are offered positive reinforcement and coaching by all staff.  

Every player is required to respect their teammates and the whole camp is extremely inclusive for all players; no matter what their skill level or disability. In addition the quality of the coaching is second to none. The former CFL and  NFL coaches that run the camps are amazing. My favourite part of each day at camp is the last 15 minutes where the coaches deliver positive messages to the players about staying is school, writing down their goals or working hard to achieve their dreams. Every night before the kids leave they are reminded by coach Higgins that “ You never lose; you either win or you learn!" The CFA has created a safe environment for kids of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to learn the game of football and develop as young adults. It has prepared my son to have success on the field as a player and earn the respect of his teammates. His confidence level  is at an all time high and he now has a lot of new friends on the football team who care about him and respect him. He is now in his second year of football on the senior team and I have never seen him so positive and so proud to be a part of something. The CFA has changed his life in a very positive way and given him the confidence to take on many other challenges. You are doing a lot of good for young people and I can’t thank you enough!